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This is Blue Zoo Radio. A show dedicated to each and every aquarist making a difference in the hobby. Blue Zoo Radio features interviews with Industry Leaders, best selling authors, manufacturers, fish clubs, other hobbyists and You.

Blue Zoo Radio podcasts are available for immediate download and listening below. Simply click the arrow. Past shows are available on iTunes and previous podcasts can be heard in the archive to the right.

Spanning the Globe


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Aquatic Experience

Deadliest Catch

"I love the versitility of having guests from all over the hobby - marine, freshwater, businesses, clubs, internet members, really each and every facet of the aquarium world is represented. This is the only place where people, no matter what part of the industry or hobby your in, can obtain first hand info on how that aspect of the industry or hobby really operates. It's a real eye opener and filled with the experts who live this every day.
Fantastic in every way - keep up the great work."

- Joe Graffagnino
President, Brooklyn Aquarium Society

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We Won an Addy

Steve Alten - author - "Hell's Aquarium"
Captain Phil Harris - Cornelia Marie
Bob Fenner - author
Heiko Bleher - explorer
Rolf Hagen Jr. - Rolf C. Hagen Co.
Gary Nocera -Deep Blue
Ian Fuller - Cory Cats
Ed Mowka - Kordon
Mike Hellweg - author/breeder
KingFish - legend
Hans Discus - Discus
Axel Tunze - Tunze
Tony Wagner - Carib Sea
Chris Clevers - Hikari
Marshall Meyers - PJIAC
Gary Sparks - Aqueon
Andy Schmidt - SFBB
Chris Brightwell - water quality
Oliver Lucanus - Below Water

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